Our activity has been starting on November 2019, due to strong efforts from the owner as well to every single firm that worked on it, and with patience has been accepting our delayed payments.
A special thanks to https://www.arredoincatania.it, http://www.ffarchitetti.it/ https://www.facebook.com/danielaefrancesco.rapisarda. Without their support we could never start it.

However, on 13th December 2019 Regione Siciliana has published the DDG n.3971/3S according to which the European Union is going to give financial support to the activity in the next future.

On 9th January 2020 the Regione Siciliana has notified the starting of the project. It means that soon we should receive the expected funds in order to improve amount and quality of our services! Thanks to EU!

On 29th January 2020, CasaVostra al Parco completed the procedure in order to ask the first part of the exected founds.

Thanks to all private companies which supported us the activity started already, however thanks to such funds we are going to be able to finalize all improvements in order to create a touristic activity which combine automatisation and human contact, high technology and attention to people with disabilities.
European Union is expected to reimburse a total of € 186.825,00, largely already spent also thanks to the financial support from banks, namely the Credito Valtellinese.

The measure is related to POR-FESR Funds, activity: Caronte Code SI_1_19935

We strongly hope that your experience in our place is going to confirm that such money has been well spent. Although, probably not one single euro is going to arrive before next summer, but as soon as such money arrives this page is going to be updated